Thursday, February 8, 2018

SHSU Sport Management would like to invite alumni, faculty, staff, students, and friends of the university to attended SHSU Night with the Rockets on March 30th!  We will have a Pre-Game Student Easter egg Hunt Raffle also we will be having a VIP Event happening prior to tip-off! We thank you for your support and look forward to seeing you the event!

Also, a special thanks to our Event Underwriters for your continued support of SHSU Night with the Rockets:



Website Update!

We have updated our Directions and Tickets page!

If you need help finding the Toyota Center check out our Directions Page.
If you need to purchase tickets please visit our Tickets page!

Don't forget to sign up for our Post-Game event!

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We will be posting about all the essential details for Rockets Night!

SHSU Rockets Night Update!

Student Pre-Game Event & 
VIP Event Sign-Up 
is now up! 
 Tickets are going quickly so sign up now! 

Pre Game Meal at the Lake House!

The Pre-Game Event will take place at the Lake House Restaurant next to Discovery Green in Houston! All SHSU students who have a ticket for SHSU Night with the Houston Rockets will be able to come to the Lake House for a FREE meal! The first 60 students to sign up here will get a free meal! The meal will begin at 3:30 pm so show up early and beat that Houston Traffic! The meal will consist of a Cheeseburger come with french fries and a drink. Check out our Pre-Game Event page to sign up for it!  

Also don't forget to purchase tickets! 

SHSU Night with the Rockets Tickets Link!

You can purchase your tickets to SHSU Night with the Rockets by clicking the link above. Ticket prices are in 3 tiers!

  • $28                                             - $32                                        -$58
    • Sections                               - Sections                                - Sections
      • 421                                  - 415                                       - 101
      • 415                                  - 42                                         - 113
      • 433                                  - 433                                       - 114
      • 434                                  - 434                                       - 126
      • 403                                  - 403

Post Game on the Court - Free Throw!!

Make sure you sign up for the Post Game Event once you have purchased your ticket! When you sign up and print out the waiver you will be able to go onto the court after the basketball game and shoot a free throw!

Post Game Free Throw Waiver